Why Join


The moment you walk through the entrance doors of Insurance Marketing, Inc., on Route 309 in Montgomeryville, PA, you truly enter the world of long term care insurance. The owners, Rick, Lil, and Jim DiLaurenzo, are proud of our "state of the art" facility, and industry visitors from around the country compliment our unique design and open, friendly atmosphere.

The key to the continuing growth and success of Insurance Marketing, Inc., however, isn't the design of the offices. We do everything we can to help our independent agents and agencies. We provide the best support available for long term care sales. We help agents get the sale by recommending the best buy for their client, then we provide all the paperwork, brochures, and competitive advice needed to complete the sale. Insurance Marketing, Inc. can provide comparisons of long term care products on a point-by-point basis, as well as spreadsheets that compare premiums. And our service doesn't end there. After the sale, we provide weekly status updates on all of your pending cases and we get involved in the process so your cases are issued as quickly as possible.

    Many top long term care producers recommend us to their fellow agents because we truly know the business, and we offer all the best long term care insurers. They are also attracted by our policy of superior commissions on company-direct contracts without any minimums or quotas to worry about. Only a large volume long term care player such as Insurance Marketing, Inc. can offer such high levels of compensation for so many different insurance companies.

We invite you to call us for advice on virtually any long term care product, design, or option. We offer single premium products, limited pay products, comprehensive plans, facility-only plans, home health care plans, employer/group plans, list-bill and work site marketing programs, affinity group discounts, and plans for sub-standard health (high risk health history).

Reasons to Join

  1.  Immediate Personal Assistance 
  2.  Calls Answered "Live" - No Voice Mail 
  3.  All the Top LTC Products 
  4.  Top Contracts and Commissions 
  5.  Fast Proposals: Fax, Mail or Email 
  6.  Advice To Beat The Competition 
  7.  Weekly Updates On Pending Cases